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Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC is a diverse non-profit team of passionate volunteer investigators who are genuinely interested in the paranormal field, and who respectfully want to help residential, commercial and historical locations seek answers to the things that go bump in the night... or day!

The fear or curiosity in the paranormal can be very real, and so it is our mission to make sure that each and every one of our investigations is a positive experience, and that we leave you feeling comfortable in your own space. We do not claim to be paranormal experts, but we do have a diverse team of skeptics and believers in the paranormal, many of whom have had their own personal experiences and therefore know how important it is to feel that someone believes in you. We strive to make our team a safe and trustworthy zone for all to speak freely in confidence, to openly discuss experiences or theories without judgement. 

We do not try to get rid of spirits in a location, nor do we conduct séances, psychic readings, use Ouija boards, or just rely on just evidence produced by a piece of paranormal equipment. Paranormal experiences come in all forms such as emotions, smells, sounds, visual, and physical touches, so not all pieces of equipment can capture this kind of activity. Therefore we take a scientific approach using the latest investigative equipment, as we try experimental methods and by using our senses and intuition.


We will never tell you that your residence is or isn't haunted as no one is equipped or qualified to say that. However we will do our best to find logical answers to your questions and what we cannot explain will be documented in the form of audio, video, pictures, and personal experience reports. All evidence, reports, and client information are held under strict confidentiality between the team and the client, and will not be shared publicly in any form without written consent from our clients.

Being volunteer based and a non-profit team, all of our investigations are FREE of charge. We will never ask for any tips or gratuities.

Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC is open to investigations in all of the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.  

We thank you for your interest in our team! 

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