I think I am experiencing a haunting. What should I do?

If you feel that you are experiencing paranormal activity, we suggest you keep a detailed journal of events, days/times, places they occur, and who it happened to. If you would like to arrange an investigation, or need some advice or support, please feel free to contact us to discuss your paranormal issues or to arrange an investigation to help put your mind at rest. 

I am the client. Can I participate or remain in the building during an investigation?

Absolutely 100% We will never ask a client to leave their home/business/site on our behalf. It is your space and we want a respectful and trusting relationship with our clients. Sometimes we get interesting results with having our clients present in the building. Clients who participate also help share valuable information during the investigation asking critical questions about family/friends/events etc that we may not have known prior.

We just ask that if you do not plan to participate in our investigations but would like to remain in the building that you allow us to have complete silence in a space free of noise from animals, kids, TV's, computers, toys, radios etc. These noises contaminate our investigation, our equipment and we will have to start the investigation all over again another day.

Additionally some kids find the dark and the idea of ghosts a bit spooky, and so it is important to note that we prefer all kids to remain off the premises until the investigation is over. 

Will Paranormal Spectrum perform seances, blessings, or cleansings?

No. House cleansing, blessings, séances are not part of our services. We are willing to work with those types of services separately by either having them join us on an investigation, or for them to allow the PSI team to hold an investigation by documenting a seance, blessing or cleansing. Any paid service will be at the full expense of the client. 


Does Paranormal Spectrum Investigations attend every reported case?

Unfortunately, we may not be in a position to investigate every case but we will certainly try. Our aim is always to help in any way we can.

What exactly does Paranormal Spectrum Investigations, BC do?

We investigate cases of reported paranormal activity using scientific and experimental methods. Our aim is to either prove or disprove suspected activity. After our investigation is completed, if we find anything that we cannot explain, we will present our findings and evidence to the client in confidentiality.

Why do paranormal investigations typically happen at night?

We investigate cases of reported paranormal activity during any time of day and some reported claims only happen during certain hours. However we generally conduct our investigations at night simply due to our night vision and full spectrum cameras which work better in the dark than in the light, and as we need absolute silence during our investigations there is less traffic and outside noise contamination during the later hours.


Does Paranormal Spectrum Investigations, BC use psychics mediums?

While we do not discredit psychic or medium ability, none of our team members claim to be psychics or mediums. We feel that it is imperative that each of our investigators know the history of the location and the people who have or do reside there before the investigation. However we do have members who claim to be empaths and are able to use all their senses during an investigation to feel the energies around them. 


If a client wishes to have a psychic medium present at a Paranormal Spectrum Investigation we will be happy to accommodate and work along side them as long as our services remain separate. A client will have to seek out their own psychic medium who agrees to sign a PSI confidentiality waiver, follow all investigation rules, and understand that they will be on audio, video, and in photos. The client will also be fully responsible for the cost of all psychic medium services with no expense to the PSI team. 

How much does Paranormal Spectrum Investigations, BC charge for an investigation?

All of our investigations are always FREE of charge. We also never accept tips or gratuities of any kind. We are a non-profit team!


What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is the most vital part of our investigations and we try to be as discrete as possible. We will never share a clients personal information, location, evidence, reports or claims without written permission anywhere or in any form. We also try to be as discrete as possible by not wearing team clothing with logos to investigations (without permission), and our cars won't have any advertisements on them. We do whatever we can to keep our clients out of the public eye as much as possible. Every investigation will be considered confidential. If you do not wish your case to be treated confidentially, we will still require you to fill out our "Information Release Form" signed before we can investigate. It specifies how much information (if any) can be disclosed by PSI.


Do you need permission to investigate a case or property?

Absolutely! We require signed and verbal permission to investigate each and every case by the owner or manager and will need their full contact details prior to our investigation. They will be asked to sign our ‘Permission to Investigate’ and 'Information Release' Form form before we can undertake an investigation. Without signed permission we cannot proceed in with the investigation process. 

Do Paranormal Spectrum Investigations prioritize cases?

Yes, sometimes we will prioritize cases. We will do this at our discretion in situations where we feel that it is warranted due to the nature of the reported experiences. 


Do you analyze photos, videos and audio recordings?

As part of an investigation, we not only use and analyse photographic, video and audio evidence that we collect in the course of the investigation, but we also report any personal experiences that come in the form of smells, sounds, sites, touch, and emotions that cannot be documented by a piece of paranormal equipment. 


How can I become a Paranormal Spectrum Investigator and what are the requirements? 

Please read the full requirements in the 'Membership' section at the top of the page and contact us through the application form we provided on this site. We fully believe that every good investigator can be an asset to our team and this is no exception to couples who would like to apply together. Applicants must be 19 yrs of age to apply. 

How much do Paranormal Spectrum Investigations, BC get paid?

We are all volunteers and do not get paid in anyway, not even by tips or gratuities.


Can I come along on one of Paranormal Spectrum Investigations? 

Due to liability, insurance and confidentiality, we only allow our core team on private investigations. From time to time, we may arrange public investigations and you are welcome to join us on one of those events.


Does Paranormal Spectrum Investigations give interviews?

Yes we do. We are always available for television, radio, social media and newspaper interviews. Contact us to make arrangements.


I’m from the media, how do I go about contacting somebody from Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC?

Full details are on our contact page above.