Investigation Rules


It is our goal to make sure that all of our clients feel safe, respected and assured. Every single Paranormal Spectrum BC Investigator not only has a passion for the paranormal, but they truly want to help people who are scared, or just plain curious about the unexplained events effecting their lives. To maintain the highest quality of trust, respect and confidentiality, each investigator must follow a set of team rules and investigation protocols in order to maintain those standards or they will be immediately and permanently dismissed from the team.

Below are those set of rules on how we are here for you!  



Paranormal Spectrum Investigation investigators are not allowed to in any sort of way publicly share any client info, location, evidence or reports from any investigation without the consent of the clients and team founders. 


All PSI investigators are to assist and listen to all clients without judgement, criticism or prejudice of any kind.


PSI investigators are volunteers and will not accept tips or gratuities of any kind.


All PSI investigators must carry proper identification with them to all investigation and team events. 


PSI does not accept investigators with any mental health or sever physical issues. Our members are also free of drug and alcohol addiction. Therefore you will be assured our members are sound of mind and body for not only safety, but to eliminate the risk of impaired judgement and to eliminate harm to themselves, a team member, or a clients space and time.


PSI investigators are subject to a criminal record check. We do not accept members who hold any record. 


PSI investigators are not to tell a client that their place is or isn't haunted, nor are allowed to give their own personal opinion of what they feel is happening at that location. It is the investigators responsibility to show support, guidance and comfort towards the client. 


PSI investigators must arrive to all investigations on time wearing appropriate street clothing to avoid drawing attention to the client, unless permission to wear team shirts is permitted by the client.


No PSI investigator may conduct any personal investigation or additional service (psychic readings, cleansings etc) outside of the team. 


Ouija boards, seances, nor any other spiritual ritual is allowed to be used or performed during any type of investigation


Just as we ask all client to sign confidentiality and investigation agreements, we too are willing to sign client waivers in order to help protect your identity and space. 


PSI investigators do not go running out of a room screaming in fear as it is unprofessional and unsafe. 


All PSI investigators must respect and fully comply to all investigation site rules. If a PSI investigator disrespects a client’s property by trespassing without permission, stealing, littering, vandalizing, or damages an item or location, that member will immediately no longer be apart of PSI and will be fully responsible for replacing or fixing the damaged property with their own funds. If the client has proof and wants to press charges against that guilty member, the PSI team will stand behind the client.


For conflict of interest and protection of our clients, PSI investigators may not be a member of any other paranormal team. 


Weapons of any kind will not be brought to investigations, meeting or PSI event regardless of reason. 


Lying, faking, tampering with evidence, abuse of any kind (physical, verbal, mental, sexual, emotional, cyber bullying) is not accepted in any form and are grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal as a member from the PSI team.