Mission Statement

The primary mission of Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC is to help others who are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses feel more comfortable. We strive to make our team a safe and trustworthy zone for all to speak freely in confidence and openly discuss experiences or theories without judgement. 


We exhaust every avenue when looking for logical reasoning to paranormal claims, and by using the latest investigative equipment anything we can't explain will be presented to you in the a way that you can understand and handle emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. We help you come to an ultimate resolution that suits your needs as an individual, family or group as a whole to feel comfortable in your space.  We will do all we can to educate you on dealing with potential ghostly phenomena.


We are a well respected team that strives to further the field of paranormal studies. The clients comfort and well being are of the utmost importance to us. We aren’t simply at your service for a ghost investigation; we are at your service to help you come to terms with the realities of why you sought our services in the first place. We consider it an honour and privilege to be invited into your home or business to help and as always all of our investigations are FREE at no cost to the client.