Covid-19 and the Paranormal Community

With everything going on in the world due to the pandemic caused by Covid19, it had me thinking about the effects it will have and has already had on the paranormal community. Obviously all paranormal teams around the world have ceased investigations of historical locations or residents homes for safety and social distancing reasons. On Twitter I read from some people that now that they are self isolating at home, they are starting to become more aware of their surroundings than they were before. To the point now that they think that there is possibly something paranormal in nature that has already been quarantined in their home long before Covid19. That has led me to wonder if when the restrictions are lifted and teams can once again conduct paranormal investigations, if we could see an influx of residential cases come into our inbox. Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC is still actively able to help answer questions for those that feel there may be something or someone else self isolating with you. I suggest writing down your experiences and make a journal or log of what, where, when, how and why you think these occurrences could be paranormal. You might start to see a trend or pattern. Because most cases that come our way are not paranormal and can be explained, this process may help with determining that. I even suggest taking some photos. Nearly everyone has a smart phone with a camera, so make use of that. Take a series of burst shots and analyze them closely. And, after all that, if you still feel that there may be something you’d like help with, you can send us your info and we can try to help you out. 

That leads me to my next questions and concern: What happens to us when this is all behind us? What will the paranormal landscape look like when Covid19 is a thing of the past? Obviously, there is no way of knowing the answers to those questions. The Paranormal Spectrum Investigations team is going to brainstorm some ideas with other respected individuals in the paranormal community and try to come up with ways to not only keep ourselves safe but our clients too. I made a joke about how gloves and masks would become part of a paranormal investigators equipment kit but now I’m thinking that joke should be taken seriously. What further measures should be taken to ensure everyone’s wellbeing? I’m opening that question up to not only other investigative teams but also clients. We already have many precautions in place to ensure our team’s safety but now we need to go further. In a way, we are still protecting ourselves from something we can’t see, but this one definitely has intentions to do harm whereas you can’t say the same for the paranormal. 

Paranormal investigating is not an essential service so until things start to go back to what normal was before, it will be some time before any teams are going to be conducting any investigations. Even then, it will be a “new” normal and probably an ever changing one at that. But, as with many other major historical events, mankind has found a way to adapt. And I know that the paranormal community will do the same. It will be interesting and a challenge for sure, but you can count on us to continue to be there for you when things go bump in the night. 

We are always available via email at should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for us. You can also visit us at where you’ll find links to our social media accounts and much more. 

Take care and be safe. 

~ Mike

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