It was the summer of 2019 when Aimée and I decided that the two of us should start our own paranormal investigation and research team. There are quite a few teams in the Vancouver area, so we knew we had to do something that would set ourselves apart from the rest. First of all, we knew that we had to be open to working alongside other paranormal teams (more about that in a bit). Second, we both agreed that our team would be open to all ideas and possibilities. Third, our team would be willing to try new methods of investigating but also revisit methods that have been tossed aside by even the most experienced investigators. And finally, we wanted a close knit team that builds on relationships within the team but also with our clients.  In no time it seemed, we were up and running as of October 1st with myself, Aimée and longtime friend and investigator, Anastasia. What a perfect month to get a paranormal team up and running! Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram got up and running, and we had an article posted with Surrey604 announcing the arrival of our new team. Shortly after all that, Aimée and I had the pleasure to speak with Amy at Virgin Radio Vancouver to talk about the paranormal. It didn’t take long and soon after we had our first investigation set; a residential client with some extraordinary claims. We can’t stress this enough, confidentiality is extremely important to us, and this client is no exception so the only one to learn of the results will be them and only them. That goes for any potential clients. Unless given permission, we will never share our evidence. I know for fans and enthusiasts of the paranormal, this is a downer, but it is so important.  Flip the calendar over to 2020 and not only was it the start of a new year, but also the start of a journey into the paranormal for our newest investigator, Paige. Having a strong interest in the paranormal and sporting a ghost tattoo, we knew she was the perfect fit for us and we weren’t wrong. How could we tell? Well, on her first ever investigation with us at a historic location in Surrey, she entered a room where our client told us claims of disembodied voices heard, and she got comfortable right away and started to ask questions. Some people would have said “no way am I going in there” but not Paige. Props to her for that! We know that Paige will have a bright future investigating the paranormal and will have some fantastic stories to tell along the way.  The beginning of the year also found ourselves becoming a sister team to not one but two amazing paranormal investigation teams. One of the most important ideologies we had when forming our team was that we wanted to work alongside other teams in the paranormal community. We have known the founders of both Northern Paranormal Investigations and Faculty X Investigations for many years and have worked with them in the past. We knew that forming a sister team trifecta would be an amazing opportunity for all three of our teams so of course we jumped on that. It has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made in our teams young history and we know that there are many more exciting and intriguing investigations down the road that we all will need to rely on each other for. We also know that we can bounce ideas and share theories with our fellow investigators in a respectful and open manner.  Then came March and COVID-19. Yes, that dreaded word that literally shut down the world, ourselves included. The pandemic has changed the way we do everything when it comes to investigating the paranormal. But, like any other challenges, we knew we had to adapt and so we did. We have implemented countless measures outlined by public health officials in order to keep ourselves and our clients safe. The pandemic has also opened people’s minds to the paranormal as well as we have actually gotten busier since things have started to reopen safely. On that note, I pass over the second part of this blog to my fellow co-founder and good friend, Aimée.  Thanks Mike for passing the blog over so I could say a few words…. Since we are talking about Covid it has been quite the new experience for even the most seasoned of investigators adjusting to the new normal. I personally have been investigating for many years and never would I have imagined that running a team would entail taking temperatures, screening each investigators and clients to the healthy degree, wearing masks, sitting 6 feet apart from your friends and sanitizing down equipment or any surfaces you touch just to keep everyone safe. I am sure I can speak for my team by saying we are just blessed that each one of us and all of our clients so far has remained healthy and safe. We intend to continue to do what we need to do in order to maintain the health standards required for this field, but like Mike said, none of this has slowed us down one bit. Maybe self isolation has really allowed people to be more aware of their surroundings. When you chase your kids around, trip over the pets, being busy at work, and dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life you typically don’t notice things moving on their own, seeing that extra body walk passed you or even hear the disembodied voices over others. We are now busier than ever with plenty of cases coming in. Thankfully we were blessed with two new investigators Carla and Ryan to help take on our cases. Carla is a talented investigator we have known for many years and Ryan my very skeptical husband who is finding a stronger curiosity in the paranormal field. The 6 of us have had so many great experiences since March. We have had radio interviews with CKNW and Pulse FM, and we have had podcasts with Ray from Northern Paranormal and Dave Gibb from CHAPS as well, and we have also taken several road trips up to Yale and Boston Bar for investigations where we invited our sister team Faculty X Investigations to join us. In Boston Bar we went to the Hells Gate Air Tram Attraction where we got to ride the gondola over the rapid river being met by unseen hands touching our backs and opening and closing doors without any known source. We also went to the beautiful Yale Historic Site where we will be doing ongoing investigations followed by a public event in the spring of 2021. We have also been working with our sister team (NPI) Northern Paranormal Investigations at a massive confidential location where 15 investigators don’t even begin to scratch the layers of paranormal activity due size of the location. As well we are working on several events at the Vancouver Police Museum with Northern Paranormal where we are hosting several public Halloween Ghost Tours throughout the month of October 2020. With all this going on we can’t forget all the residential cases coming in, other media projects being finalized and the possibility of future road trips to destinations we have yet been to. Mike and I could not be more grateful for the opportunities our new team has been given this past year.  We have years of combined experience as paranormal investigators, and with everyone’s support and interest in our team we will be around for many more years to come. Of course we cannot forget a big thank you to our team for being such dedicated and compassionate investigators but more importantly for being such great friends!  It’s incredible how many wonderful people you meet because of ghosts. 

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