Do you think Ghosts celebrate the new year, or do you believe there is no time after one passes away? Maybe ghosts love a good party and would like to ring the new year in with you. Has one ever put an EVP recorder out as you counted down the clock to see if there are ghostly voices counting down with you? Now that is something to try. But what a year... Holy Cow!!! Who saw that coming? Well we raise a glass to you, your loved ones and all the best of health and happiness in 2021 with eased restrictions and joyous social gatherings. Many paranormal teams have gone into a bit of hibernation this year, and although we did put investigations on hold for a couple of months come the fall we have actually been very busy with public interviews, working on projects with historical locations and setting up projects and investigations for the coming year that we haven't had time to slow down much, but more on all that at a later date. From the entire Paranormal Spectrum Investigations, BC team, have a very very Happy New Year even if you have to celebrate in small bubbles this year and we hope to see you all very soon.

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