Hell's Gate Airtram Investigation

On BC Day Long weekend Paranormal Spectrum Investigations joined by our sister team Faculty X Investigations got to enjoy a breathtaking investigation at the Hell's Gate Airtram in Boston Bar, an attraction that was named after Simon Fraser's diary quote when he stumbled upon the area when looking for a new fur trade route. He called it the "Gates of Hell". The Hell's Gate surrounding area is no stranger to aboriginal communities, the gold rush, the CP railroad and a salmon run which was sadly blocked by a rock slide for almost 25 years before a new salmon passage was created. In the early 1970s the Hells Gate Air Tram was built by a Swiss engineering company and to this day each tram can carry up to 25 people to a rich historical attraction which hosts restaurants, gift shops, a museum, breath taking views and much more.

With such a history could this place hold ghosts of the past? Well that was what we were there to find out. This place has many ghostly claims from the smells of cigar smoke thanks to the smoking man, the overwhelming feeling of feeling watched, fluctuations in temperatures, a haunted stove that only gets hot on one side on a certain time of the year, a woman who says to haunt the gift shop and throws items around, to a man in the maintenance quarters with dogs with red glowing eyes.

On arrival we were met by the nicest staff who kindly greeted us and took our paranormal teams on a breathtaking journey over the rapid river retelling tales of the past. We were then given a tour of the paranormal hot spots before we set up an abundance of cameras, thermals, voice recorders, trigger objects, motion detectors etc and split off into two teams along with the kindest staff members of the attraction who were brave enough to join in all our fun. Did we have any personal experiences? Yes some of the most intriguing to date. Did we find evidence? We sure did but that will be up to the Hells Gate Airtram attraction to share if they so choose. But we can assure you our audio and visual evidence is nothing short of mind blowing.

If you dare take the tram over the gorge you never know who will meet you on the other side :)

~ Aimee

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