The Hat Man Shadow

When you have a paranormal experience it can be exciting, intriguing, confusing, frustrating, or it can even leave you completely terrified. There are many who are a non-believers in the paranormal, but I am definitely not one of those. I am always skeptical and question everything but some things are just not explainable. It has taken me so long to write this blog simply because of fear and the fact that I have been doing a ton of research over the last while collecting accounts from forums, books, interviews, podcasts, documentaries etc only to find that I am not alone with the experience I am about to discuss. It is comforting to know other people have had similar experience, but it also makes me feel a bit terrified. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say that what I am about to discuss is actually what I saw, but after a lot of research it’s the closest thing I have found at this time that ticks off most of the boxes. I am going to be talking about the “Shadow Hat Man”.

To give you a brief back story that could tie into the hat man, my grandparents’ purchased a fairly new home in the 1970s and at that time my grandfather in all ways was an abusive alcoholic right up to the time that he died of Alzheimer’s in 2016. During the last few years of his life my family stayed in his home in order to get him the medical help he needed, but more importantly to be there for my grandma who was now feeble, immobile, scared and alone.

In their home we were given the basement suite which had three bedrooms at one end of the home, a bathroom in the middle, and a laundry room and living room at the other end, so we were fairly comfortable having separation from the old man upstairs. However it was during that time that all the hat man events started. For me it began after my family had gone to bed and the house was quiet. I usually stayed up later than most of the family, but naturally having to use the bathroom before bed I would have to make my way out of my bedroom and head directly across the hallway to the bathroom. The first night of events was very unexpected I opened my bedroom door and I was just hit with the most terrifying feeling. It was like something or someone evil was standing in my hallway on my right hand side between the laundry room and living room door way. I hadn’t felt that before. It startled me so bad that my feet came off the floor and I jumped into the bathroom. I remember waiting about 20 minutes in the bathroom to calm down in order to get the nerve to make it back to my bedroom. Unfortunately that became a nightly occurrence. I just got good at turning on my bedroom light, covering my eyes and making a run for it. However I don’t think my tactic was very helpful as I would make it back to my room, feel safe and was able to calm my nerves before falling asleep, but I would always wake up to feel like that same energy was now standing in my bedroom in the corner by the door. I felt like someone, a dominant male was just standing there staring at me intensely in not a nice way.

I became so terrified going to bed that I began writing letters to god, the angels and whoever else of a Heavenly power could help me, and I would tape those letters inside closet walls, or I’d place them under pillows, mattresses etc. I even salted the perimeter of my room with different types of salt, and I wrote the Lord’s Prayer on the wall above my headboard, reciting it often. To help me fall asleep at night I would ask for the white Heavenly light to encompass me, my family and my entire home. Unfortunately didn’t stop events from happening. Every night I woke up feeling watched, and on one or two occasions I woke up feeling like this energy was leaning over my bed inches from my face. Another time I woke up and was totally paralyzed like I couldn’t move. Some would say sleep paralysis and perhaps maybe, but think of it this way… Your body is in a paralyzed stated when you dream, but when your body wakes before your brain that can be a scary experience not being able to move, talk etc. However what I question is that although this is a common physical thing, why is it that when people get sleep paralysis they wake up feeling an evil presence on top of them, and some people have claimed to see evil entities. Do your research and you will find that people all over the world for years have reported seeing the same evil beings when waking up with sleep paralysis.

One thing that I did observe quickly when these events started was that I had a full length mirror behind my bedroom door and I would feel this negative energy even stronger if I didn’t flip the mirror around, so the mirror stayed flipped until I needed to use it. In 2014 when staying at my grandparents’ home I pulled into the driveway around midnight after a paranormal investigation and I clearly saw a black shadow in the shape of a tall man walk from our car port in front of my car and disappear before he got to the lawn. He paid no notice of me, but what I did notice about him was that he was easily over 6’ feet tall and wore what appeared to be a vintage trench coat and a fedora hat. When I saw him I felt totally paralyzed like I couldn’t move. I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was seeing. I sat in my car for a moment completely dumbfounded but I promised myself never to mention that experience to anyone because I would never allow my family to think or even let on that I brought home a friend with me from an investigation.

A few months after this event my mom and I were talking about other paranormal experiences we were having in the home, and she said “Aimee, I don’t know what it is about that laundry room but I keep seeing the shadow of a tall man with a hat in the back of the laundry room”. Let me tell you how fast my tea spat out of my mouth!!! I asked her “What do you see?” She said he appears to be over 6 feet tall, wearing a hat and a trench coat style jacket, and just stands there. She can't figure out any light source that would make that shape. Mom said that he often appears in the evening. She also mentioned that a few times she and my dad have sat in the living room and have seen a similar shadow peek around the corner from the laundry room. This was the moment I ended up confessing my story and she wasn’t even the bit shocked. She said her experiences with the hat man had been going on for a good two years, which was around the time it had started for me.

We didn’t live in the home much longer after that as my grandpa went into a rest home and passed away and we sold the house. But once we left we never experienced that shadow man again.

Through my research here is what I have learned of the shadow man

- He is mostly dark shadow and featureless

- He wears a fedora or a top hat

- When people see him they feel paralyzed

- Unable to speak

- Crushing sense of breathlessness

- He appears around mirrors

- appears during times of emotional turmoil or distress

- Observes you when you sleep, often in corners with a creepy smile on his face

- People either see him wearing a top hat or a fedora

- Some people claim he has glowing red eyes

- Some see him carrying a gold watch chained to his belt that he will occasionally look at.

- He will bend over you at night time watching you sleep

- Often appears during times of trauma, aggression, or other negative emotional disturbances, such as domestic abuse, fighting, or depressed family members.

- There are different types of shadow figures, but he is the only one said to be seen with a hat and he lingers around longer than most shadow figures.

Although I didn’t see his red glowing eyes or pocket watch, every other box was ticked off for me, and my experiences were backed up by two other individuals who experienced similar things in that home. I don’t think I will ever learn the truth, nor can I ever go back to find out and frankly that is perfectly fine. All I know is that since I have moved out of that place it hasn’t followed me and I have been sleeping well for years now. All I know is that I never want to repeat the experience ever again, but if you believe you are having a run in with the hat man, think about all the things that are bothering you in your life and make positive changes, even remove yourself from your current residence if you have to. I think positive changes, positive mindsets, and not living a life of turmoil, sadness or fear is a big supporter of it ending.

~ Aimee

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