My time slip experience!

Have you or even a group of people ever experienced a time slip where you inexplicably travel through time by minutes or years? This is a widely debated topic among paranormal enthusiasts and scientists alike as time slips are most commonly associated with a paranormal or extraterrestrial occurrence. I too had an experience several years ago where I lost about 8 minutes in time, and to this day I don't have any logical explanation as to why or how it happened.

I was living with my grandparents in a home they had been in for about 50 years, and this home was known for an abundance of paranormal activity experienced by all who lived or visited there. This house had a way of making the most paranormal skeptic leave scratching their heads.

I was home alone on a Saturday about 11:00am and felt like making myself a bit of brunch, so I went into the kitchen to make some bacon and eggs. I took out the pan and I put it on the stove and added the bacon putting the temperature on a very low setting while I prepared the eggs. During this time I heard someone coming into the house, up the stairs to the living room that was directly behind the kitchen wall and walk along the floor as I could hear the squeaking of the floor boards. I didn't think anything of it as I was expecting my family home any minute, and I said a loud "Good Morning" as I was living with the hard of hearing but I didn't get a reply. So to personally greet my family and ask if they wanted brunch too I looked at the clock on the microwave to keep an eye on the cook time and it said 11:02am. I walked into the living room and no one was there. All of a sudden the smoke alarm goes off, the kitchen is billowing smoke and when I ran back in I glanced at the microwave clock and it said 11:10 am. Totally dumbfounded I turned off the smoke alarm, opened the windows and stood there staring at my completely charred bacon in the pan. I also noticed that the stove element was still on low and still heating. All of this happened within a span of what I would fully believe to be about a minute. There is absolutely NO WAY I lost that amount of time in the span everything happened. Lets just say the bacon got thrown out and it became a Tim Hortons kind of a morning.

I really want answers, and over the years I have yet to come to any sort of conclusion. I have been able to find an abundance of stories online of other people experiencing time slips, and are unable to account for the lost time. A lot of scientific explanations keep mentioning that time is not linear but is more of a point of space. Many scientists also argue that time cannot be lost but merely confused. However it can be far from easily explained as a lapse of concentration or a period of drowsiness, or even sleep. But knowing I had plenty of sleep and was a healthy individual not being on any types of medications I am still a more logical explanation.

~ Aimee

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