Trigger objects. Just one of the many things a paranormal investigator has in his or her arsenal of equipment. Sure, we have some fancy and usually expensive gear that we use to make contact with spirits, but I like to keep it simple. I’ve been investigating for years now and for those that know me well, know all about my balls. Yup, the infamous “Mike’s Balls” have been used on countless paranormal investigations from Surrey to the Sunshine Coast and all points in between. They’ve even been on a road trip or two up to Merritt. And these balls cost me no more than a couple of dollars. In fact, come to think of it, I bought them at a dollar store in Merritt! Why use toy balls for a paranormal investigation you might ask. Well, we’ve all heard of claims where items get moved on their own, so I thought that a small toy ball (or three) would be an ideal object to ask spirits to move around. They’re small, so they fit in my equipment case easily and because I have three, I can place them in different spots around the location being investigated. How would I know if they’ve been moved? Well, glad you asked! I can do one of two things. The first is to place in front of a motion activated camera or to keep it super simple, place the balls on some square pieces of paper and if they move at all, it’ll be easy to spot.

I do have more than just my balls though that I like to use. Most recently I was given a set of jingle bells that can hang on a door knob. This will be ideal for when a door appears to open or close on its own. The bells will in theory jingle to let us know when that happens. Pretty clever, right?

Another simple and inexpensive trigger object is dolls and stuffed animals. I have a raggedy Ann doll that I bring to investigations where there are claims of suspected children spirits. Paranormal Spectrum Investigations co-founder, Aimeé has recently added a large Scooby Doo to use.

We are always trying to think of inexpensive, and creative ways to use every day objects around the house that may help us make contact with the spirits. You never know what might work. Could be something as simple as a bible and a cross, or a pair of reading glasses. Or maybe a cigarette if the person you are communicating with was once a smoker. When you watch any one of the numerous paranormal themed tv shows, you see them all using expensive looking gadgets. I personally would be afraid to break one of those and likely would need to test it out a lot to understand fully how it works and why. It wouldn’t be fair to our clients to use stuff that we didn’t understand. How can we do that? No, instead, as I stated above, keep it simple. You might just be surprised how effective that is!

~ Mike

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