Yale Historic Site Investigation

Updated: Mar 19

2020. Yes, the year that’s brought so much pain, chaos and angst to so many. For the Paranormal Spectrum Investigations team however, it’s been a pretty good year. On June 27th, myself, Aimée, Ryan and Paige hit the road to the Fraser Canyon. Not a long road trip by any stretch of the imagination, but a road trip nonetheless. With our gear loaded up into our cars and an overnight investigation ahead of us, the first stop was an essential one; dinner! This was most of our first time dining in a restaurant since COVID-19, so obviously we were a little apprehensive, but a lineup at the door to the Home Restaurant in Hope was a good sign. During dinner we discussed our plan of attack for the evening, where we would like to set up what equipment and new experiments we wanted to try out. With 4 of us, it would be a total group investigation rather than splitting up into separate teams. With full stomachs, we carried on another 20 minutes down the highway to the location of our overnight investigation; The Yale Historic Site. Now, if you’ve never stopped at this beautiful historic museum on your way up the Fraser Canyon, then you are definitely missing out. The museum curator, Margaret, is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. She was also the first face we saw as we arrived to the site. Along with Margaret, was a Yale Historic Site Board of Directors member, Pat. She too is an amazing person with so much knowledge of the area that we could just sit and listen to what she had to say all night. If you are lucky enough to book a visit to the site and both are there then you are in for a great visit. Along with Margaret and Pat were a couple of young ladies from the site’s social media team, Jill and Diana who were just as excited to be joining us as we were to be there.

First we had to do a tour of the property as there were a few buildings that were going to be investigated over the course of the night. We started where we arrived, at the Creighton House. This house also serves as the site museum and gift shop. The Creighton House was built in the 1870’s and is full of displays showcasing a plethora of Yale’s local history. From the gold rush pioneers to the Chinese railroad workers and First Nations that inhabited the area. There is so much history inside those walls that even we were overwhelmed. Was there any spirits also residing inside the museum? Time will tell on that one!

Next up, was one of the oldest churches in British Columbia; St. John The Devine built in 1863. The church still has its original walls and rafters plus many displays inside that also originate from the 1860’s. It was in the church that the team really began to get some personal experiences. We even had some interesting results from using our SLS camera that we are still analyzing.

After the church, the team made our way across the train tracks that run through the town of Yale, to the Johnny Ward House. Built in 1880 after a fire destroyed the original house, the Johnny Ward house transports you back in time. With ornate carved chairs to early 20th century periodicals, you almost feel as though you are in the past. Our team set up quickly and prepared for our final EVP session of the evening. We would also be sleeping in the Johnny Ward house so we made ourselves comfortable. It was here that we tested out a “new to us” method of doing an EVP session called the Estes Method but instead of using a spirit box, we listened to white noise through noise cancelling headphones while blindfolded. We each took turns trying this method and we all had differing reactions to this including Aimée telling us she felt as though she was touched on her shoulder. This method does require some further research and testing, but it was an intriguing session.

Around 3 AM, with the coffee not helping to keep our eyes open any longer, we called it a night. But we did leave our trail cameras running just in case something wasn’t ready to go to sleep.

The Paranormal Spectrum Investigations team will be returning a few more times in the fall before wrapping things up. In conjunction with the Yale Historic Site, we have some plans in place for a reveal of our evidence and footage of our investigation to be shown in the spring of 2021. Be sure to check our social media accounts and here on our website for more details about that later this year.

We can’t wait to share our team’s experiences and perspective of the history at the Yale Historic Site!

~ Mike

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