UPDATE: MAY 20, 2020

Hi Everyone!!! We are taking this time to give you a current update in regards to our paranormal team during these gloomier days of Covid19. After endless discussions about the future and safety of our team and clients we have decided that we are going to resume investigations as of June 1st, but we are not taking this lightly.

The future of investigations is going to be a bit different as we will be limiting the amount of investigators present at an investigation for social distancing, and we will be equipped with personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers. We also have a thermal thermometer that we will use on all of our investigators and clients before entering a building. Our investigations will also be spaced out so we give ourselves ample time in between investigations again for social distancing, and our investigators will not be attending any investigation if they have the slightest sniffle. We will also be screening all of our clients to make sure they are in the best of health as well before the investigation. As well if any of our clients have other safety requests we will also be taking that into consideration.

We make it our mission to help you, your family or your employees find a peace of mind by resolving, educating, or getting a handle on your paranormal situation, and so if you are interested in an investigation please go to our website and reach out to us. We hope everyone is in the best of health and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.

~ PSI Team

UPDATE: MAY 11, 2020

Hello paranormal family,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during the days of Covid-19 but we would like to give you a team update. As the province of BC is re-opening services in stages this means that we too are considering re-opening our investigation services very soon, but all depending on how the stages of re-opening services effect the general public. When we do resume our investigations please know we will be taking every precaution to keep you all safe and if that means gloves, masks, keeping our investigators present to a minimum etc. then that is what we will do. But of course we will go over all these details with you and discuss your concerns or requirements as well when we book your next investigation or event. 

In the mean time please follow us and interact with us on our social media sites as we are still very active among those at this time. We are also here for you any time you need to contact us to ask us questions about the paranormal or even to set up an investigation or public event once all this craziness has settled down. Our email is paranormal.spectrum.bc@gmail.com

For now keep social distancing and doing your part for the country's success of healing. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

~ PSI Team

March 12, 2020


For the safety of our team and clients due to the Covid-!9 Pandemic, the Paranormal Spectrum Investigations team will not be attending any paranormal investigations of public events at this time. Please know that we are still here for you and we will be happy to answer any questions you have or discuss any of your paranormal concerns. You may also follow us and interact with our team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. 

If you have any questions or are interested in setting up an investigation or to have our team join your future public event, please contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss it in further detail with you as long as the Covid-19 is no longer a safety concern. Our email is paranormal.spectrum.bc@gmail.com.

We wish you and your loved ones all the best of health during this difficult time. 

~ The PSI Team