1. You must be 19 years of age 

2. All investigators must have reliable transportation to get to and from investigations on time. Sometimes our investigations are out of town, transit can be costly and time consuming and not always reliable when investigations run late. 

3. While we respect the struggle, for the safety of all PSI members and all of our clients we do not have members on our team with drug or alcohol addition, nor have members who hold a criminal record.

4. As we are a non profit team you must be willing to purchase your own basic paranormal equipment (headphones/recorder) before the 4th investigation. Until then you may borrow the co-founders equipment on investigations until you decide if this field is for you or not. Other team expenses you may occur would be gas mileage, investigation fees if you agree to participate in an investigation at a location who charges a fee. If at any time you would like to purchase team gear with our logo such as t-shirts/business cards etc. that too would be out of your own expense.

5. You must be respectful and accepting of different faiths, beliefs, religions, theories and ideologies. 

6. While investigating is a ton of fun you must have time to review your evidence audio/video/photos from each investigation you sign up and go to and submit small reports on your evidence and personal experiences. 

7. You must understand that paranormal investigating is not like what you see on TV.

8. You must help bring new investigations to our team


9. We host some really fun public events and we will need team participation for those events. 



10. It is a team effort, but investigators must be willing to do some research about location and the history of the land, building or its past or present residence before an investigation to get a better understanding of what or who they maybe dealing with. 



11. Strong time management and computer skills

12. All investigators must sign a confidentiality agreement as not all clients want us to share evidence, personal info or paranormal claims publicly

13. Due to Covid all investigators must be comfortable wearing a mask at the investigations where it is required as per the client, all investigators must be willing to sign any covid form given to them by a client, and if feeling unwell that investigator must stay home for two weeks without attending any investigation. 

14. We will never obligate you to so many investigations per month. Families/jobs//health issues/etc always come first so we just ask that you only come out to investigations where you know you have time for the evidence review and reports after the investigation ends.

15. LASTLY & THE MOST IMPORTANT... We want you to HAVE FUN!!!
Everything on this team is teachable and so if you are new to the field looking to learn, or are a season investigator wanting to share your theories and experiences with a bunch of easy going like minded individuals in a safe judgement free environment then you definitely found the right team. We are a healthy blend of skeptics and believers with the motto "Friendship first / investigators second". Being with people you care about and trust when doing something you love will make for the best experience. 

If you are looking for memorable and fulfilling investigations, compelling evidence and making new friends who share your passion, then you found the right place.