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We do NOT consider a case “closed” until you feel satisfied and safe.  We will continue to stay in touch with you and work with you until you are completely comfortable with the results of our investigations! 



Fill out the "Request an investigation questions" and email them to Aimee & Mike at 



If Paranormal Spectrum accepts your application, they will be in touch to discuss the case further and to discuss an investigation. Please know that we may need to ask some difficult personal questions to establish a history about your concerns, and what is affecting you, your family, or business. 


If an investigation is agreed upon then we will set up a date and time for the investigation and will assign a team of 3+ investigators to the case. We will always confirm the investigation a day prior. Our investigations last 2-5 hours depending on size of the location, and they usually take place on weekends between 6:30pm - Midnight. PSI is open to overnight or daytime investigations if that is when your activity tends to occur. 


Do you want to meet us first? This can be arranged days prior to the investigation. We understand that the idea of inviting a bunch of strangers into your space to set up cameras, recorders, and other equipment in order to find proof of the paranormal. We want to assure you that we are there for you as a support team in the most honest, trustworthy, confidential way possible. We may also want to meet you as well in order to see the location to get a better understanding of the events prior to the investigation.


We kindly ask that prior to any PSI investigation that arrangements are made for noisy pets and children as they may find the dark and the idea of ghosts a bit spooky. We also require complete silence during our investigations in order to tag all noises for our voice recorders and cameras. If there is too much contamination we will have to wrap up the investigation and start again another day. 



Our team of investigators will arrive together at all investigations in a timely manner and will leave the investigation together when the client requests. 


Before we begin our set up we must talk with the client to establish location rules and to have all confidentiality waivers and investigation agreements signed. If the client is unwilling to sign, we will unfortunately have to decline the investigation. 

*All clients may view the confidentiality and investigation agreement forms HERE*


Once the forms are signed then our team will need a half hour prior to the investigation to walk around the location to establish the paranormal hot spots before doing EMF sweeps and setting up equipment. We also need time to talk with the client to gather last minute information. 


Absolutely not. We are in your space and we want you to be completely comfortable having us there. If a client wants to participate in the investigation we value that experience. Clients can ask some great EVP questions or give more incite to the history of the location or events that had taken place. That helps in our research. If a client wishes to stay but not participate we just ask that they remain as quiet as possible and let us investigate as needed.


Depending on the size of the location, our team of investigators may need to be split into teams in order to cover more ground. 


After each investigation we clean up the space and make sure everything is where we found it on arrival.


It will take about two weeks to go over all of our audio, video, photos, in order to compile any evidence and written personal experience reports. At the end of the two weeks the evidence will be sent to the client via email, or we can go over the evidence together before the beginning of the next investigation. 

Please remember that all personal client information as well as any paranormal evidence and reports are highly confidential and not shared in any way with anyone. In order to share any information we must have full written permission from the client. 

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